An insight into freelance websites

There are a lot of different freelance websites, some of them are general where you will get every kind of work and some of them are quite specific and you can go to them for getting a specific kind of work. These websites offer a safe place for both buyers and sellers to get what they want without the fear of getting betrayed. Here is a freelance website list to let you know about their characteristics:

Fiverr: It is the basic kind of freelance market where people can showcase their talent in the form of their previous work samples. Most if the cheap works can be easily get there and people who want to start freelancing should start from this platform. It also provides some free courses to help freelancers in their career.

UpWork: It is one of the freelance websites in Dubai that provides amazing start for the career of freelancing. Most of the high end projects are awarded there. Once you get some experience and built a portfolio of your work then you have to start your career on UpWork. It is a great place to value your work and earn more money than you can imagine. You just have to work hard and be honest with what you can provide to your client. A big drawback is that you only get a few free connects to bid on the projects, once they finish you have to buy more connects and I you fail to get a project with your free connects then this platform will be expensive for you as you have to put money on that.

Toptal: It is another website with most experienced people because they do not allow beginners to start their profile in that website. The main theme of this platform is to provide top experienced freelancers to the companies and the do not compromise on that.

People per hour: It is also a free website to start freelancing career but there will be a great amount of competition especially now when everyone is there to provide their services. A great tip to work on any of these platforms is that never go below your work value just to get a project. If your work worth the value to be paid with 50$ then never give it for below 50$ no matter what.