Preferring vape devices over tobacco smoke

Tobacco has been around for generations and has been used by humans all over the planet. But, this leaf has mostly been used as a form of intoxicant – a substance that could addict the person to the extent to make him feel a little dizzy. Extra content of tobacco can cause more harm in very little time and you will notice that when consuming it in chunks. Those who smoke tobacco, know just how harmful it can be as it can cause a lot of trouble. Consistent smoking can cause tuberculosis and lung cancer among many other diseases. Most health issues such as heart diseases are caused by smoking tobacco.

With so many hazards and health safety issues, can you really think about smoking tobacco again, ever? This is where the irony lies, as so many across the world, every single year, lose their lives to tobacco smoking and there seems to be no end to it. The awareness is there, and cigarette ads are banned in many countries across the planet, but for some reason, people still end up smoking tobacco. Truth to be told, the best way of finding out the reason why so many smoke it despite knowing the truth, is that it is addictive. Tobacco is indeed addictive and can be very difficult to get rid of. You need to feed your mind something that could make it feel like smoking tobacco, but the content should be different. Now is the time to consider buying vape shops in Abu Dhabi, so welcome to vaping. 

Superficial resemblance

Though they both look similar, and produce smoke too, and possibly can make you feel a little addictive but vaping is drastically different from tobacco cigarettes. Once you begin to vape, you will soon find many differences between it and tobacco smoke. Firstly, vaping is not addictive, though it might look that way but there is no addiction in it. The reason is simple – vaping is just smoke produced by burning flavored liquids unlike how the smoke is produced in tobacco cigarettes. In vaping, the flavors are made of colors and additives that contain no harmful ingredients, and no nicotine, which is the main ingredient of tobacco smoke. So, you can have best refilling pod vapes  without having to fear about it harming your health in any way possible unlike what you would feel when smoking cigarettes, so get started with vaping right away.