How to Get Maximum Number of YouTube Subscribers?

Getting more views and get more subscribers is more valuable than gold to the YouTubers. But since the competition in increasing and people are coming up with wildest and the craziest of ideas, the YouTubers have constant threat of losing the users, that is why they always search for different means of getting the maximum numbers of YouTube subscribers and viewers. Because these are the only things that will make them to the top and that is also the only thing which will get their channel to monetize. There are many ways of getting the views and subscribers, there is the oldest way is by asking people. if you have a big circle of family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, then it will be easy for you to get the subscribers and views because you can also nag them constantly to get their people.

Then there is the illegal way to do it, create bots that automatically give your channel subscribers and views. But YouTube has come up with their own bots who detect such subscribers and views and finish them but people are more smarter than the bots. Because they understand how the YouTube’s bot works and they make an advanced one instead. Then there is another illegal way, well this way is illegal to some extend because, in this way, people make temporary mailing ids and then subscribe your channel and give your videos views. But YouTube set some policy that the ids using same Mac address or IP address will not be counted but people used proxy and, in this way, people used to dodge the bots of the YouTube.

But there are easy ways as well, like making long videos, as long as making videos for 10 minutes or more. This study was given by YouTube that the longer videos tend to get famous more and we have a hard time believing that ourselves as well. Another way is by branding yours videos, in this way, no one can steal your content. You can do this by adding watermark on the videos and if you want people to follow your videos, make sure to enable the subscribe button. Even YouTube says that make long videos but people have tired and wasted time and the best way is to focus on quality and not quantity. So, make sure to make short videos but the content of those videos should be very powerful. You can choose any SEO specialist in Dubai and hire any digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi.