Things a CFA level I student should know

CFA level 1 is the first step towards achievement of goal in the CFA and as a student diving into the subjects, we believe you would want to know every key tip which will help you through the course and the following ones are exactly it:

  • Learn about the procedures

One of the very confusing mistakes which students make is that they completely forget about the procedures which one has to go through and this is the mistake which troubles them a lot at the last moment. Don’t wait for the final exam date to approach to know which documents you will require for exam and what will be the procedure. Keep researching about it before hand.

  • Think about the second level from start

There are different times of the year that exams are scheduled for students to take and if you are a December level 1 candidate then you will have a big choice to make which will be planning for second level exams if you pass this one. Will you wait next 18 months for the next level or would immediately want to aim for second level in 6 month’s time?

  • Choosing institute

If you have taken any financial modeling course Abu Dhabi from a training institute then you must have basic idea how these institutes work and how they can be beneficial for your CMA studies. Make a smart choice in choosing institutes or third party material which will influence your learning and grades simultaneously.

  • Remember dates

We are not talking about exam dates here, but we are emphasizing on all the key dates which you must consider at all costs. From remembering the date of submission of fee and deadline to the collection of your tickets and attending seminars, everything holds importance. Either set an alarm for it or keep reminding yourself about them.

  • Don’t forget mocks

The only way to judge your knowledge and preparation for the final exams is to consider taking a mock exam. They are extremely beneficial and number one thumb rule to remember for CFA’s first level. This will give you a clear idea of how the exam is patterned and what are the areas of improvement needed.

Focus on these tips and we are sure you will ace the exam.