The different types of urban planning

There are many kinds of urban planning which need to be done to make a city and country work well in every aspect. If there is some kind of problem in the planning then the entire city or at least the area around that problematic place will suffer. There should be experts there who will work on planning from the start. There are a few kinds of planning which you need to see here:

Strategic planning: In this type of planning experts will try to work on planning about how to make space for a city and its growth. This plan is all about developing the city and thinking about the development and growth of the city and their people.  This is considered as the most important and complicated kind of planning which needs too much attention and in depth study.

Land planning: In this kind of planning experts will plan about where to build the place for people to live, where to plan the commercial area, where to put all the industrial area and everything related to that. While planning they need to make sure that all the industrial area should be away from the residential area so that people will not get the dangerous fumes and effects of the industry.

Master planning: In this kind of planning the plan is about using the non-used area in a good way so that it will be of the best use for the future generations. This planning is very important to have a balance between the greenery phase and the residential areas. There is another important thing that while planning about the residential area, these experts have to get the permission of the land owners so that there will be no hurdle while planning about the future residency.

Economic planning: This kind of planning is all about the growth of the country and the people living in that. This is about giving the facilities to the workers and people of that place. There should be good offices and other good facilities like food and clean water for the workers of government offices. They should also get the facility to reach to their required office and for that they need different kinds of conveyance to reach to their office without any difficulty. Good communication between everyone is very important for doing best work.

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