Facts about information and how it becomes news

There is a lot of information around us which we have to deal with every day. Some of this information is good and some of it is not important and our mind will filter the good one and forget about the other ones. Same is done by the Dubai local news channels as they filter out all the important information and then provide it to their readers and viewers. If they do not filter the information then they will not be able to provide the best and most authentic news to their public. Ajman news is also going to provide the useful information as the news to the viewers. There are some facts about the information that make them news and you can see them here:

Odd: The odd an information is, the more it will get the attention. People do not like to hear or read dull and boring news, they are always in need to hear and read about something out of the box. If a person falls from the building and died then this news will not get any hype as compared to the news in which the person falls form a tall building and survives without having major injuries because it is something that our mind will accept difficultly.

Affect: If there is news about the incident which may affect the viewer’s then they will be more interested in that than the information about an incident happen at the other corner of the world. People will be more interested in an oil spill which happens in their city near them as it will affect them badly but they will be less emotional about the oil spill far away even if there become a fire and injuries due to this.

Interest: People will find a piece of information more interesting when they have their own personal interest in that. They will react to such information more profoundly than anyone think of. If there are more tree cutting is in their area then they will be more interested in their fresh and clean air than the cutting of an entire jungle in another country. It is all about the human interest so a good news channel should always try to provide information that is most recent and more relevant to the residents of city.