History of Audi

Audi is one the most luxurious member of Volkswagen Group. Audi is a German manufacture. Audi is more than 100 years old and was founded in 1910. It was founded by August Horch, a German engineer and two other manufacturers i.e. Wanderer and DKW. And this led to the formation of Auto Union and later Auto union was acquired by Volkswagen in 1960. Volkswagen acquired it from Daimler Benz, the group that introduced Mercedes Benz. After it became the member of Volkswagen, the modern era of Audi started. 

August Horch was wondering the name of company and on meeting his closest friends. They all decided to name it Audi. As Horch means ‘hear’ in German it was translated into Audi. This name was actually suggested by the son of his friend who was just a child at that time. 

Audi launched its first car in 1910, named as Audi Type A sport phaeton and after that it launched Type B that was also released in the same year. Horch tenure gave international recognition to Audi as both the cars were huge success. Later, Horch left Audi for position in transport department. 

The logo of Audi depicts the merge of four manufacturers that formed the present-day Audi AG. It includes DKW, Wanderer, Horch and Audi, they all merged to form Auto Union in 1932.The logo od Audi also resembles Olympics logo and was also sued by Olympic Committee. But Audi won the lawsuit. 

During world war II, the Auto union manufactory branches were turned into places for protection of military. It produced equipment and armored cars for the military and for Audi service center in Dubai. So, its branches became the obvious targets and were bombed by Russians but few years after the war, in 1949 the company started working again and eventually became a huge success. After war, Daimler Benz bought the shares of Auto Union. 

In 1964, Volkswagen bought 50% shares of Auto Union and later bought the entire company where they mass produced Volkswagen beetles. The idea of Auto Union producing their own car was not much appreciated but engineers of Auto union secretly made a model called Audi 100. And luckily, they were able to impress the chairperson of Volkswagen and allowed the production of the car. After the release of Audi 80 in 1972, the name Audi was attained. 

After the release of Audi Quattro in 1980, Audi started shifting towards luxury high speed cars.  Many models were released that were more elegant and classier. The launch of Audi V8 took the competition to a new level. Audi started competing against BMW and Mercedes Benz.  

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