The Contrast between Old and New Dubai

Dubai is a city of the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for its luxurious shopping malls, skyscrapers, beautiful architecture and nightlife scenes. There are beautiful man made islands on which different hotels have been made. Also there are many big marine water parks. Here is a comparison which shows the image of old and new Dubai.


Dubai over the past few years has been made by its former local government and agencies. They have restored many of their historic places as well as constructed many new things in the city.

  • Historic buildings

Many old buildings were restored over the years. These restored buildings remind the people of their rich heritage that they have, apart from the big buildings and shopping malls they have right now.

  • Dubai Souks(Market)

Dubai have its souks in the diera near the coastline. It is a place where from old times merchants used to come with their gold, spices, perfumes and other things to sell. But now they have upgraded it more for getting the world’s attention.

  • Food

As Dubai is an important city of UAE, it has different varieties of dishes. Much preferred ones are that of lambs and goats. They eat nan(bread) or they make spicy rice and for drinking, they have different types of teas. People prefer to eat dates as sweet but they also make their own style of sweet dishes.

  • Old transportation

The transportation of goods in old times was usually done by camels or horses. As Dubai was a lot more dustier place back then, camels were considered ideal for travelling. This old way took a lot more days and was hectic for the people as well.

  • Traditional clothes

The traditional clothing style for men was ankle length loose fitting garment. The dress was usually made up of cotton. The ghurta covers their head with the agal , which is a black color cord. The women wore the abbaya. However, the dresses or the clothing style has not changed much in Dubai. 

From the past 20 years in UAE the old Dubai has been changed a lot. Different rulers of the land have given marvelous changes to the land. And now the modernized version of old Dubai is the center of focus for the whole world. There are plenty of new companies launched and we see plenty of international movers and packers in Dubai that were not here before. All the stuff that were shipped before is now transported through them. Plus the tourism has increased a lot.

  • Tourism

New Dubai has made a lot of changes for attracting people for tourism. People from all over the world come to enjoy the night-life of Dubai.

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