Why do some people avoid online shopping?

With the increased trend now most of the people are shopping online every now and then but you still see some people who are against that and they have tons of arguments for that. When you listen to them then you will feel that they are right and no one should d online shopping but when you think differently then you will get the solution of all the problems they have wit online shopping. You can get expensive or cheap makeup online UAE and it is up to you that what kind of products you will choose but some of their arguments are here below:

Don’t touch:

The first argument is that no one can touch the product unless the product will reach to them. It is a bigger issue to most of the people who will never get satisfaction unless they touch and grab the product in their hand especially in the case of clothes the texture cannot be known by seeing only so they argue about it and it is a strong argument from their side.

Don’t bargain:

Another argument which they have is that in online shopping you cannot argue with the vendor to reduce the price a bit so you have to pay what is written on the picture of a product and if you want to get that in lower price then you have to wait for the sales. There are a lot of people who do not have any problem with that but some people have a habit of asking for the reduction of amount even though they know that the vendor will not reduce the price and these kinds of people are not in the favor of online shopping.

Hidden costs:

Although everything is written in the terms and conditions part of the website and sometimes with every individual picture of the item but some people will neglect that and after they get to pay more amount then they will argue that in online shopping there will be hidden charges which they have to pay. Some people will argue about paying for delivery but they didn’t understand that if they physically go to store and purchase something then they have to use fuel and pay for that but when it comes to delivery charges, they will argue. Also check electronics sale in Dubai to get the best price.